Where To Find Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza On The Gold Coast

Where To Find Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza On The Gold Coast

Following a gluten-free diet can be tough sometimes.

You’re always labelled the difficult customer who throws a million questions at the menu, detecting wheat like a highly-skilled ninja. When in reality, you’re just trying to eat something that doesn’t taste like uncooked bread. Though non-gluten-free people don’t know what the real pain is: not having pizza.

Us foodies believe eating pizza is a fundamental human right, so we’ve hunted down the best gluten-free pizza on the Gold Coast, so even coeliacs can go to imaginary carb heaven.


Nobbys’ favourite destination for Sunday brunch, BSKT has recently updated its menu with a delicious gluten-free option: the Korean pork and prawn pizza. For those days when you want more than the usual bacon and eggs and it’s too cold for acai bowls, dig into this blend of tender slow-cooked pork covered in sweet chilli sauce on a gluten-free pizza base. Oh, and you should definitely order a cold-pressed juice to digest it.


Plant-based restaurant, Greenhouse Canteen has won over the hearts of Gold Coast vegan, vegetarian, and even carnivore foodies with a taste for delightful, cruelty-free cuisine. Offering a range of mouth-watering plates prepared with simple and fresh ingredients, we’ve found a pizza just for you: the grilled local vegetable socca pizza. It is made on a fermented chickpea oven-baked flatbread and topped with house-made almond feta and warm grilled vegetables. Meat-free AND gluten-free, bingo!


With its scenic rooftop bar, Justin Lane is the ideal posi to toast to your summertime sadness over an Aperol Spritz and pizza slices. We recommend the four cheese pizza (provolone, gorgonzola, fiore di latte, and bufala mozzarella), because nothing cures sadness more than carbs with melted cheese. Or, if you’re a meat lover, dig into JL’s gourmet pizza topped by prosciutto di parma and fiore di latte mozzarella on a tomato pizza base which can be made gluten-free—like all pizzas offered on the menu.


No need to swipe left on a romantic Italian dinner just because you can’t share a pizza. Nobbys’ not-so-hidden gem, Gemellini is not only the perfect location for an intimate and cosy dinner in winter, they serve up some of the most authentic pizza on the Gold Coast. Handmade by an Italian pizzaioli using the finest Italian-imported ingredients and cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, Gemellini’s gourmet pizzas can be made gluten-free upon request. Could we love these guys any more? Now they’re throwing late night pizza parties on a Friday, with DJ beats and $15 pizza after 9:30pm.

MANDALA Organic Arts Cafe

You want vegan AND gluten-free, and you think you’ve ticked all the boxes to be dubbed the “most difficult customer”? Well then, we’ve got the place that will make you feel at home: Mandala Organic Arts Cafe. This Mermaid Beach vegan eatery offers a wide range of plant-based and organic pizza, which can all be made gluten free. Our picks are the Mexicana, when you can’t decide between the vegan nachos and a large pizza; and the original creamy mushroom, the vegan interpretation of a cheesy, white pizza with mushrooms. Also, don’t forget about the live music and cinema events that Mandala offers during the week. Gluten-free pizza and chill? Sign us up!


The latest addition to an array of top restaurants in Burleigh Heads, Pepe Italian is an authentic eatery that brings centennial traditional cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—just like a beloved Italian grandmother! If you’re still feeling the summertime sadness, try the Positano pizza, topped with fresh seafood and fior di latte mozzarella. Though, our pick would be their signature pizza, The Pepe, made with a truffle-puree base, topped by Italian sausage and porcini mushrooms. All pizza and pasta can be made gluten-free on request. Delizioso!


Palm Beach keeps surprising us with more and more awesome spots. With its stylish interior décor, you’ll wanna Instagram the heck outta this pizzeria, and that’s even before your food arrives. Balboa Italian’s pizzas are made by well-known pizzaiolo, Matteo Stassi, and can be made gluten-free. We can vouch for the obvious choice, Number 1 Pizza, a simple blend of prosciutto on creamy fior di latte mozzarella and a tomato pizza base; the Diablo (soppressa picante, tomato, chilli, and mozzarella) if you’re feeling extra spicy; and the Carbonara, for when you just can’t decide between pasta and pizza.


With the aromas filling out the restaurant from the delicious pizzas cooking in the magnificent and gorgeous woodfire oven, it’s hard not to understand why they are beloved by so many. All pizzas can be made gluten-free, and you should head straight for the gourmet BBQ chicken, or the wood-roasted pork belly pizza topped with pineapple and feta, and the simple, yet delicious, buffalo mozzarella pizza, for those with a simple palate.


Miami has Marketta and now Palm Beach has The Collective, a smokin’ foodie destination offering a tasty assortment of cuisines—Mexican, Italian, Asian, they’ve got it. If your friends feel like pizza and you don’t want to miss out, The Italian Job serves a wide selection that can be made on a gluten-free base. We tried and loved the vegan calzone, a hybrid of pizza and samosa filled with roasted zucchini and vegan cheese. Drool.


If the name sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. Salt Meats Cheese is a family-owned Italian restaurant group with award-winning locations all over Sydney, plus our very own edition in Surfers Paradise. All pizzas can be made gluten-free, and given they use authentic and Italian-imported ingredients, we highly recommend ordering the Quattro Carni pizza—one of their signature pizzas which even has its own copyright!—a hearty blend of cured meats and fior di latte, drizzled with Italian balsamic BBQ sauce; and the Truffle pizza on a white (fior di latte cheese) base.

LA BOCCA At RSL Currumbin

Located inside much-loved Currumbin RSL Club and overlooking Currumbin Creek, La Bocca is an easy choice for a casual get together over hearty pizza. All gourmet pizzas are named after quirky pop culture icons and can be made gluten-free upon request.